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Challenge: In 2022, a large regional pizza restaurant sought to focus their marketing to increase online sales. To do so, the brand looked to Nexstar Digital to deliver results against two key performance metrics: increasing online order size and increasing total online order revenue from both new and returning customers.

Solution: The team at Nexstar Digital developed an integration with the QSR brand’s online ordering platform. This custom integration allowed for deep insights into daily ordering activity including hashed user IDs, payment methods, pickup/delivery choices, number of items per sale, and more. With this data pipeline in place, Nexstar Digital was granted a rare view into the QSR brand’s business, setting the stage for optimizations and attribution models to build customer retention and lifetime value across the brand’s entire e-commerce activity.

Utilizing digital display, pre-roll video, OTT video, audio, and search ads, the team at Nexstar Digital managed the yearlong strategic campaign aimed at growing order size and increasing total online orders. Leveraging anonymized data gleaned from the online ordering integration, the Nexstar Digital team was able to identify customers who were most inclined to place orders over $30, the sweet spot for the QSR brand. Nexstar Digital then created “higher-spending order” lookalike audiences, allowing the campaign to reach an even wider swath of potential new customers.

Data from the online ordering platform integration manifested in fascinating and unexpected insights. In the first several months of the 2022 campaign, customers of T-Mobile were more likely than any other cellular network provider to become new customers of the pizza restaurant. Media reallocation followed, shifting budget of display and pre-roll video ads to an outsized number of T-Mobile customers.

Results: The QSR brand’s average online order size in 2022 increased over 7% year-over-year, while total online order revenue jumped an astounding 29%. The digital-first campaign also had sizable impact on the brand’s total revenue, leading to nearly 12% growth from 2021 to 2022.

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